Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes

Chi, chi, chi, chi, Chicago! Time to face the cold!

Congrats to my husband for being selected for Recruit Division Commander school in Chicago. He’s off to be a boot camp instructor for the next three years. So I guess it’s unofficially official, {still waiting on paper orders} but, Chi-town here we come!

{He is also board eligible for Chief for the second time, in two possible tries! Proud Navy wife moment}

I can’t believe my time in Southern California is beginning to count down. I can’t believe my time at Moment is coming to a close. That place has a very special place in my heart. I’ve put a lot of time, effort, passion, tears, years, WORK, and HEART into Moment Bicycles. If I learned anything at Camp Wekeela, it’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you later,” and saying even that will be hard. Yeah it’s still a job, but it’s been much more than that to me. Moment is my family; it’s taken over from the pool of my swimming years as my second home. My loyalty remains strong and I leave with high expectations for my next place of employment.

Christmas Card 2015 – but really this job was the best gift ever.

I can’t thank JT enough for hiring me back in 2009 and putting a lot of effort on transforming me into the bike fit kingpin I am today. He’s given me confidence, self reliance, and the freedom to work in a manor that enabled me to be a better employee for Moment. His friendship, mentorship, and drive have given me the best experience. To all my co-workers, thank you for being more than that! I know I’ve always expected a lot from all of you, but I hope that I’ve enhanced your experience at Moment as much as you’ve done for me. To the OG employees – Cory, Dan, & Lynne – look at how far we’ve come! And a person who deserves more credit than he’ll ever get, our Service Manager Jim, the father of The Count {my bike!}, my friend; Thank You. Don’t miss me too much! And finally, to all our clients – Thank You for choosing Moment Bicycles as your LBS! I hope I was able to have a positive impact on your cycling/triathlon life. Ride On!!


Southern California. The Cove. Tidepools. Great Western Loop. OB. Pizza Port. The list is getting longer. The must do’s, the bucket list, the times when I have to start putting “LAST” before activities are all getting too real, too fast. Trying to soak it all in.

These girls know how to inflict pain with smiles!
Palomar punishment

The weather has definitely been making it easy to enjoy our final month here. Small quick storms are a great relief in between some pretty amazing days. Last week I rode {slowly} on one of the most gorgeous days I’ve ever had on the great western loop. The week before that, Palomar was on point. Yesterday was another perfect day on the Elfin Forest loop, and today I had my butt handed to me on a GWL + partial honey springs detour. Definitely getting sentimental about leaving all of these fantastic rides. I know they’ll be replaced with different experiences, challenges, and adventures, but it’s So Cal…


I also started back up at noon masters. By started, I mean I’ve gone twice. The second time included a timed 500 at the end. Um wow. At least I had the sun on my back?! Kyle and I are also enjoying some time on the Velodrome at the Monday Night Adult Class with a couple of our teammates for a couple weeks.

We had a great trip to Joshua Tree two weeks ago, and last weekend was punishment at the Tour de Murrieta. {fitness < ambitions}


I’ve got a Phoenix trip on tap this weekend and we’re hosting my parents at the beginning of next week. Apparently purging, organizing, and packing can wait! Once we receive a report by date, we’ll start labeling those “last time” moments, and start planning our going away gatherings.

San Diego! Eeeek! I’m going to miss this.

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